Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Spring has Sprung and Artists Block

Well I have 40 minutes before yoga and I have just found a small supply of chocolate things are looking up. As I sit in my office as that is all I can do in here, which for those of you who do not know,  is the size of a cupboard the sun is shining merrily over head and I am desperate to get outside. I should apologise now for any spelling mistakes as being vaguely dyslexic, with the best will in the world, spell check does not help. What has been going on? Where am I up to. Well I love Spring it's the best time of the year in our garden , a time when I can sit outside happily not looking at a million thirsty plants or over blown weeds. It's just gorgeous. But I have artists block ! Not confined to writers I fear. When everything you do isn't quite right and everything you want to do seems unattainable. Coupled with the kids having broken up for Easter and being needed for lifts and food and the need to utter the phrase " have you done any revision" at least once every few days, it's hard to have space to concentrate on painting. It's a funny thing the creative process, wild and wonderful at times, heart wrenching at others. Unlike the common misconception we don't all wait for the muse to take us to waft us lightly in the right direction...you just have to get on with it, work through it and hope inspiration returns. It will it's just gone off on it's easter jaunt to the south of France lucky thing!

I 'm feeling the need for another chocolate but I am fighting it...that extra truffle will probably be the tipping point when I am balancing on one leg at yoga later. Who am I kidding.

All the new diaries for 2011 have gone out to let everyone know when the shows are plus letting people know also that I have been doing this for 25 years. A bit like a big birthday I didn't know whether to shout about that or not. In the end thought better to shout while I still can. So for those of you who have missed it here it is if you haven't had one in the post.


Exciting Sewing News

The Happy Cat pattern In 'Homestyle Sewing' magazine is about to come out and we also have a great spread in Simply Homemade this month.

I'm running out of time so will see you soon xx

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