Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Nel 25th Year Celebration Exhibition 'Life is a Minestrone"

Well January has been very very busy, as things build up towards my big show in April. I have been painting like a woman possessed! Feeling no pressure at all, as it's my 25th year! There will also been an exhibition of work from when I was a child up to present day. Cue terrible hairdoos and pictures of giraffe's, gorilla's and all sorts. It's always interesting to look back as well as forward. I often find it invaluable to see the progression of work and also as a reminder that there has been improvement when normally when you are only looking at current work it seems as though you are not going forward at all. If any of you would like to be sent an invitation for the show please email me your address and I will make sure you receive an invite. They will be going out the first week in March.

In the midst of all this painting, the 2nd strike offs of Katharine's Wheel, my next range of fabrics for Freespririt, have arrived. So there is a lot to do. I can't resist taking a picture for you to see them! There are just a few tweaks that need doing but then can't wait to start making bags and quilts and things.

 Our kids are in the middle of exams, both of them, so it's hard at times to concentrate as there is always someone needing something. Such are the joys of juggling family. Anyway I just wanted to say hi and post something in January, which we are nearly at the end of . I am going to do another give away shortly so let me know who would be interested in winning some Sleeping Beauty Fabric. Here are some reminders of the range.