Friday, 21 January 2011

Flying Hares, Cake and Patchwork Cats

Since I last wrote it has been my birthday when we went walking with friends at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park on a beautifully eerie December morning. Here are some of the pictures I loved the trees and little drops of dew on the grass and mossy walls and ducks stood waiting on the frozen lake. A perfect day ending with a plethora of sweets!

It's bright and frosty today instead of grey grey and more grey! January is always a funny month in some ways just one we all have to get through and out the other side of. I once heard an australian guy on the radio say that he thought the reason the english were so creative was because of our weather, that it was so bad, it forced us to spend so much time in doors, that we were constantly finding new ways to entertain ourselves  and fill all those grey days. So I guess that is what I am doing 'grey day filling' . Although as I say today is actually nice! Anyway less of our infernal preoccupation with the weather. I have just heard that I have got into Chelsea, Hampton Court and Tatton RHS shows....short dance...followed by mild panic of quite how I will get everything done. After all there is only one of me.

So today it's doing the diary day letting everyone know where they can find this rather dishevelled artist later in the year and then I have to make a patchwork black cat today. Not something I say every day!
It's for a magazine feature later in the year. I will also be putting various projects on twitter and facebook too. Here are the other cat's for those that are cat lovers.

The other piece of NEWS that I  am really thrilled about is that I will be a feature designer at the Festival of Quilts  11-14th August on the Cottonpatch/ coats stand. I had a great time at the Knitting and Stitching show last year and so am really looking forward to it.  So better get on as the clock is ticking and I am off to a preview tonight at a venue that I may use next year so will let yo9u know. Warm wishes xx

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