Friday, 26 February 2010

Cold and Cups and Things!

Well could it be any wetter or colder, probably not, for it has rained all day, yes ALL day and struggled to be even half a day. As by 10 am it felt like four and at four the sky had given up and taken all and everything off to bed.
And so I paint bright colours to beat back the grey and try to remember long summer days with warm wide skies and seas of buttercups and daisies .

My hands are cold as I type and typing quicker doesn't help. So I cast my mind to more fruitful past times than wining about the weather, as weather is weather and there is little to be done than just accept it.

My new studio is great I paint for longer and ,I hope, better and rediscover that in painting for hours I reach further and find my mind digs deeper and asks questions that I haven't asked myself for a very long while. Whether you paint or sing or build things or your role is simply just to think up things, it all takes time and is not fathomed in a day but from hours of perusing.

I have just realised the heating is actually on! It feels like it's off! Time for vest number 14 me thinks. Anyway the opening of my new studio at Umbrella Creative was last night and it all went well with everyone participated who could, from sculptors to painters and light makers.
I love it. I'm painting for Chelsea and Tatton Park flower shows at present as I have just been selected for both which is great. So I have been painting for months the award winning gardens from the last two years. I am planning to unveil those paintings at Chelsea. This coincides with ,David ,my sons gcse exams , oh joy. So May is going to be a busy month! I am aiming not to be grey by July.

In the meantime Helen and I are very exciting as we love the new votives that Enesco launched at the Spring Fair and also Pimpernels placemats ,mugs and trays.

As there is little food in the cupboard and I can hear plaintiff calls of 'whhhhhaaaattttts for teaaaaaaaaa I'm starving?!"wafting up the stairs I will have to stop here and say it would be nice to hear from you all as to how you are weathering your winter. Here are some pictures to keep you warm.

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