Friday, 20 November 2009

Autumn Sneak Preview!

Lovely inspiration form Daisy Chain florist in Leeds thank you so much! Berry Berry original will be at Chantry House. Preview starts tomorrow 11am-5pm 21st Nov

Well there is lots of work, beautifully framed by Andy up at Chantry House for the show . I will enjoy my next three saturdays up there. Escaping Christmas shopping!!

I love the autumn , the light, the colours. So have been feeling very inspired. Coupled with the fact that I will be moving into a new studio on Dec 1st everything is rather exciting Yeah! I have a white box awaiting with absolutely nothing in it! Sometimes I feel I have so many many things in my head that I will not ever get them all painted.

I am awaiting the second strike offs of the Westminster Fibre collection of fabrics. I can't wait to see them ,they do such a lovely job. Helen and I have been working hard also designing a whole giftware range for Enesco. The mirror votives and candles are just going to be great. I'll hopefully put them into The Little Gift Shop so you can all get them from there rather than having to hunt for them.

I plan to do various shows next year and also to produce a really lovely catalogue of my work which I have never done before. So lots going on as ever . Not to mention Christmas of course. If anyone else says to me they just have to WRAP not BUY ...WRAP their last present I may just scream VERY VERY LOUDLY! Naturally I am envious and probably very disorganised as you would think I would learn as I have the same scenario every year! But no every year there is always too much OTHER STUFF to do to even contemplate buying baubles in January or a little something for great Aunt Floss on my holiday! When I am on my holiday I am just that ..on my holiday.. I don't send postcards to make those who are not fed up that I am on mine nor do I think about Christmas when I am floating in a pool. I guess I am just that kind of woman who does what ever needs doing when it arrives. Not before and sometimes now only after I forget. I am how ever enjoying every day! See you soon.

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  1. I've always loved painting fav is sunflowers...BUT...what you do, is awe-inspiring..your pictures are absolutely beautiful...and they make me happy just looking at them.