Friday, 4 November 2011

Exhibition Starts at Chantry House Gallery 5th-20th November 2011

Well how time flies and it's already November and Chantry House Gallery Exhibition at Ripley Nr Harrogate, starts tomorrow and it only seems a few days since we came back from Brand Licensing in London. I will be up at the gallery every saturday for the next three weeks so that's the 5th,12th and 19th. So it would be great to see you all. I always have such a nice time with Chris Braddon up at the gallery. It's so nice to see my work all hung so beautifully. In fact I will take some pictures tomorrow and post them up for you to see.

 In the meantime Helen made some fabulous things using Sleeping Beauty fabric at the Brand Licensing Show in London and we had interest from all over the world including Russia, Belgium, Italy, USA and Ireland. So we have been very busy following up from the show. At home it has been rather hard work as we have been having some much needed maintenance done on the house and it has opened up a huge can of worms so we are currently into our third leak in the lounge and second gas leak. So going up to the Gallery all day tomorrow away from drying out carpets and chaos will be very nice in deed!

 Oh yes I must mention I have a block in the latest 100 block magazine and will be doing a guest blog post and giving a way a free issue of the magazine on the 10th November. So I'll tell you about my block then. But look out for it soon.

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