Friday, 24 April 2009

Happy in the Sunshine

Well like most of us we have been enjoying the good weather I have been painting outside and  trying when ever possible to be  in the garden. It is the last few weeks before Chelsea and also Surtex in New York . My agent Mary Mc Carty will be standing at the show and meeting with lots of sorry that Helen and I will not be over to see you all this time but hope you have a  great time seeing Mary. We are sending her a Chelsea preview of all the work that will be on show in London. 

So here are some photos of our garden which looks so lovely in Spring. We have been updating both the licensing site and the Original and print sites. So there is lots of new things to see and also the possibility of being sent free tickets for Chelsea and also the Ripley show! Go to and
Well lunch is calling and also painting so all for now. 

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