Sunday, 22 March 2009

The Best things in Life are Free!

Well at last I have a little time to write , on Mother's day actually! Which I have spent the best part of digging and planting fruit bushes. It's so nice to be outside and for the season to be turning. The daffodils are out and everyone breaths a sigh of relief . Flowers always mark the passage of time I feel with  the first snow drops , we saw a wonderful bank of them when we were up at Richmond the other week.

Well I have been painting fervently and experimenting and as always trying to learn more and so i have returned to abstract painting as well as having Chelsea still upper most in my mind. So here are few things that are either works in progress of finished. But then is a painting ever really finished!. Usually when it is framed there is always something that you look at and think that you would do it differently next time, but that makes you start again. I once read an article about the never ending question 'What is art?'. One contributor said it is simple the thing that makes us climb the stairs to paint every day... it's that compulsion to create.

 I adore abstract painting there is something very freeing about it, and I have not done it for a while. So this week I have realised that I have missed it a lot. Here is a detail from the very large piece you can see at the top of this entry.

 We have finally finished the new licensing site if you would like to go and have a look , it has taken quite a lot of my time but it now hopefully will be much easier for licensing customers to use it also gives news of new products that are out are also thinking of having more products available to buy on line one the originals site ,as the  calendars and Reason to Be poetry books have done so well. So I will let you know when there is more news on that front. So lets hope the sunshine continues this week as we all need it. 

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  1. Hi Nels.Love the new work, never had the courage to do abstract, maybe one day. Do you actually read your comments?