Friday, 6 February 2015

Sending all our Love to our Daughter Polly xxxxxx

Well here I find myself with more time to write my blog but under circumstances that I wish with all my heart that I could alter. I could pretend and say everything is fine but it really isn't I don't have the emotional energy to pretend. We are currently sat in a hospital room awaiting a biopsy for our beautiful daughter Polly. Mark my hubby and her are discussing the tattoo she is designing for him. He is making her laugh as it's supposed to look a bit like an octopus and Polly has just said that she watched a series of videos of Octupi and it made her feel quite sick! It has been truly a terrible week as she has a tumour in her chest but we don't know exactly what it is until we have the results of the biopsy which may take up to a week or more.
So we're getting through each day slowly, literally slowly as she is worst in the mornings. But we now have a little routine of getting her sitting up. The day's extend like weeks until we know exactly what we're dealing with.
Our friends and family have been and continue to be amazing and we feel very well loved. Dave our son is coming back from Uni again today so he's here after her biopsy.
Painting as ever is a solace, as I see Polly drawing now so effortlessly, being creative is a comfort.
The sky is a beautiful blue and as we drove into the hospital this morning for 7.30 everywhere was frosty and the early sky a myriad of hues.

I have Chelsea Flower Show to prepare for and the strike offs of my next Collection Orient have arrived so I have these things to fill my mind in the times when I'm not with Polly or doing things that need doing. I asked Polly if she minded me posting this and she said it was fine.

So in the meantime I'm posting some paintings for our fabulous daughter and sending a big thank you to everyone that has sent so many kind messages. Nel xx